0 or 1

... I guess any self-described philosopher
should be able to tackle the question,
of which came first 0 or 1, the concepts
of nothingness versus somethingness

... it's an easy answer, existence precedes
zero, because it takes an existant creature
to realize it's 1, in union with all

... just to think the question, indicates
that oneness exists to contemplate zero

... there is only the Oneness of All, and
mere creatures like humans who ponder,
mortality and the meaning of zero

... in math too, zero came way after 1 was
recognized. Zero came in to play, as a way
of allowing negative numbers to exist, in
addition to other complex dimensions

... so zero is a johnny come lately,
there is no such thing as zero in reality,
as we call it ... you get close to zero
from the positive and negative sides of
it, but never zero itself ... because the
state of zero is not real

... even after one is dead and long forgotten,
remnants of your existence fly off as neutrinos
to far flung regions of space

... and when the next Big Bang cycle occurs,
all your information about your soul, and its
karma is stored until the next creation cycle,
where , if you don't make it back into heaven,
you pickup on your material existence

... YOU can never go to zero,
you can only go to the Oneness

... easy peasy question :-)

© 2015 by zentara
If it is the last word I write, let it be Vishnu