matter or conciousness

[milky way]

... I read an internet blog today, which asked
the question:
Which came first, matter or conciousness?

... For that matter, how do you define conciousness?
Is it simply being aware of the passage of Time?
Knowing that there is a future, and a point in the
future, when you will be no more, as a physical

... or is conciousness simply understanding karma, the
notion that the future carries consequences for current

... Buddhist teaching has as it's primary tenet,
that Conciousness is a priori, it is an integral
part of cosmic existence

... Conciousness is sort of a thought channel,
which only higher life forms perceive

... so in my belief system, conciousness seeks
form, and we fall into the world of material

... the "white light you see at the end of
life", is, according to Tibetan Buddhists,
the first light reaching the eye neurons
of your next incarnation

... the soul is immutable, it goes on after
we die out of this body

... the Buddhists say that great souls will
keep coming back to earth, to help alleviate
the suffering of our fellow humans, to
develop great compassion

... but, I have evolved from pure Buddhism,
into Krishna Conciousness, and Krishna says
get out of the material world, and learn to
live again in the spirit world

... so, there is more to self-realization,
than one would first think, there is another,
bigger world out there, way beyond the
Milky Way

© 2015 by zentara
If it is the last word I write, let it be Vishnu