the eye in the sky

... I read an article today, about a group of
amateur scientists who are developing a cheap
simple balloon, to carry a low earth satellite
up into the stratosphere

... up into the stratosphere, where it can release
the satellite, which will detect all drones flying
in that zone

... it is also cheap to do, with inexpensive
hobbyist equipment, to give realtime data

... the problem is that the thing blows
away with the wind, instead of maintaining position
over the desired area

... you can't tether it with a line either,
because it is so high up, sooner or later an
aircraft would hit it

... if perfected, the idea would be to drop,
recover, and reuse these high-altitude monitors

... if I was designing such a thing, I would try
to get the most aero-dynamic shape possible,
say a flat disk, filled with hydrogen, to make
it neutral air bouyant as possibe, then have
it powered by solor panels which cover it's
surface, and lightweight fuel cells for nighttime.

... the electricity would power high speed electric
wind turbines, situated around the edge of the disk,
and controlled by a flight computer

... theoretically, the thing should be able to
stay up for quite a long period, fighting off
the drifting wind currents

... unless it gets swept away in the Jetstream,
or some other unknown event

... they could be brought down, in a controlled
fashion, if needed

... they could detect drone data, and if they
are in your area

... aluminum foil hats may come back in style :-)

... to keep the drones from reading our minds :-)

© 2015 by zentara
If it is the last word I write, let it be Vishnu