Mercury in Retrograde

... well, I too have been caught up in the
belief that there are predefined periods of
Time, where the psychic winds blow hard,
attacking you for all your weaknesses.

... When Murphy's Law rules.

... this is sort of a toughening
of the human herd, where we are forced to keep
a more mindful condition, be careful,
be cautious in all new ventures

... it tests the wits, plans, and future
thinking functioning of our minds, so
don't make mistakes, check and double-check,
have double-checks on your double-check

... expect the unexpected, the known unknowns

... this year, one period is Sept 17,
to Oct 09, and supposedly times will get
testy on launching any new venture, as
the spirits will judge people hard,
if you poke your head out of your hole
for too long

... it is all controlled way up in heaven,
so don't worry, it has to do with the way
event-sequences are constructed in the future,
the way karma gets constructed, as we are
instantly judged by our actions, and a future
is created for you

... so in my own way, I see Mercury in Retrograde
as a Time of perfecting your mindfulness,
because you know that Mr. Murphy is hiding
right around the corner.

... Hare Krishna

... in a more down-to-earth observations of how
choppy the psychic waters are, I do notice
ocurring, an odd, yet somewhat predictable,
confluences of bad-karma, where and when
numerous plane crashes, military wrecks of all kinds,
and just general bad news for the world, occurs
all within a few days

... I don't see a connection between this
phenonenum and Mercury in Retrograde, but
the closest thing I've come to explaining
it, is the concept of Deadly Orgone, the DOR
fields of Wilhelm Reich

... there are times where the the sky looks
a hazy shade of purple, instead of sky-blue,
everything gets agitated, the birds fly low,
and most of your minor ailments get agravated

... more arguments happen

... deeds done during those periods, often
need re-doing

... but even the DOR bad psychic weather
events can be looked at as way of purifying
the soul, by making it aware of the bad
karma it is creating

... there is a fellow from England, who
actually says that there are creatures called
jiin, who love to play tricks on the
Best Laid Plans of Mice and Men

... genies to the under-educated Westerners

... the jiin won't kill you, but they can
make Murphy's Law, the number one rule
of Existence, and Murphy's Law can kill

... when confronted with a jiin, just
offer obeiances, and say you are on the path
to Goloka, and beg Vishnu's protection

... if the jiin still decides to eat you,
then you become a jiin

... so, watch out for the purple clouds ;-)

© 2015 by zentara
If it is the last word I write, let it be Vishnu