in memory of my brother

... my younger brother Mike just died, of some strange

... the last few times I saw him, he was very unhappy,
the world wasn't going his way anymore

... I expected his death, to be quite honest,
just because of the way things started going
for him, one calamity hit, right after another.
Mother dies, Son-in-law dies, wife divorces,
son keeps away ... I think he just wanted to
die, to be free of the cumbersome material
mess he was caught up in

... but I remember a better time for Him,
when he was President of his class, a sports
star, college graduate, and working in the
Corporate establishment

... he had a really great 40 years of adult
life, and, because he was so smart, he checked
out of earth before the old age ailments and
infirmities hit

... so, I will be playing the Buddhist Napali
chant for you, as a warning, do not come
back to earth little brother
move on into
the spirit realms

... you did good here on earth, helped people,
had babies which will help spread
the lithuanian genes into the future, and
that is what counts afterall ... moving them
genes forward

... may we play pickup baseball somewhere
in the Vaikunthas, one day

© 2015 by zentara
If it is the last word I write, let it be Vishnu