some sympathy for Shiva

... some of the greatest demi-gods, wish they
could be human, and are envious of our position,
to get a chance to go back into the ether world,
and get back to Goloka

... but poor Brahma and Shiva are forever stuck
in the material world, annihilation after annihilation,
they are the master pids who rule the material world

... but, they are high enough up, close enough to
the spirit world, that they do Krishna's Will,
and know what heaven is, but it is their position
and duty to be here, in the material world, to teach
us, humans, and other creatures, how to get back
into the Heavenly Realms

... so they are tantalized by a heaven, one which
they can't permanently enter, sort of like having
a big bowl of ice cream just permanently out of reach

... in my Srimad Bhagavatam readings today, they
are telling of how Shiva was publically humiliated
for being an under-dressed slob

... the other demi-gods, they all preferred that
bejeweled, and fancily dressed look

... anyways, the demi-god who tried to humiliate
Shiva, also was his father-in-law, and that put his
wife in a rough psychological position

... she wanted to go to the party at her father's
house, and be all together with her relatives, but
her father said that her husband Shiva was not
welcome to come, because he dresses like a slob

... I'm not finished with the section, but in the end,
I think they said she commits suicide, to get
rid of her earth body, because she couldn't deal
with Shiva's knowlege, and ways

... or she just wanted to be elsewhere

... see, Shiva will tell you, Krishna is the way
to go, so don't worship Shiva as your God. Shiva
has duty to perform on earth, and seems powerful
in his control over the material world, but even
Shiva would rather be with Krishna, and somewhat
envies the chance, that we lowly humans get, to
get to go directly to Goloka, at death

... so, be nice to Shiva, he serves the Heavenly Will,
but he can't ever get there, because he is part of
the design of the material universe

... Vishnu created Brahma out of a lotus flower
growing out of Visnu's navel, so Brahma is
the only truly unborn one out there.

... unborn in the sense of having no parantage from
a parent already in the material world

... Brahma's duty is to create the material world,
and it was hard for him, he created everything,
just how we see it today ... it still is magical,
if you know how to see it

... but, and any programmer can appreciate this,
Brahma knew that he needed a
Destroy and Cleanup function, built right
into the world ... like Object Oriented programming

... that Destroyer of material things, that is

... Brahma initiates a NEW object, and that NEW
object has a DESTROY method built-in as it's first

... anyways, Shiva collects our souls when we die,
and sends us to where we need to go

... so I get to connect with Shiva for sure,
at least once more, when I die out of this human

... so peace to you Shiva, I'm on the road to Goloka,
I truly wish you could come, but I know you are
busy, here on earth

© 2015 by zentara
If it is the last word I write, let it be Vishnu