thoughts on the road to Goloka

... when alse else fails, start chanting,
preferably the Hare Krishna mantra.

... once you realize what is happening, as
you progress along, that we, like the
androids in blade runner, all have an
expiration date, imprinted into our genetic
structure, the fairytale world we live in,
takes on an ominous side

... I always pitied the poor androids in Blade
Runner, when I watched the movie, I thought
they got outsmarted by their creator, who
built-in an expiration date

... but we are all that way too, condemned
to die, all on death row, despite promises
by the genetic engineers that soon, cells
may have infinite regenerative and repair

... then, like in Zardoz, the old beg to die,
and they can't

... you just sit in a chair, alive, for
hundreds of years, with all your aches and
pains getting worse and worse, year after
year, until you get to the point where
you realize it's the sensation of pain,
which means that you are alive

... the Great Creator, source of all
conciousness, did us all a big favor
by building in mortality, into the
earth's eco-system ... nothing on earth
lives for ever, and something else eats you
in the very end, even if it's worms and
bacteria in the dirt you are buried in

... they eat you right down to the bone

... all avatars in this 4D world we call
reality, have expiration dates built-in

... and like the poor androids in Blade
Runner, who lamented not living longer,
after seeing and learning great things,
we too, seem to lament our lives, in terms
of the could've, should've, and would've

... but for most people, they are right
where they are supposed to be, as Maya
has them trapped, in seeking the delusional
enjoyment of the modern age of cars, cellphones,
computers, and all the other trappings
of the rat race ... the bread and circus in
the cities

... the things you have to do, to just
survive in the cities is astonishing

... the long gone, but well remembered
Helen and Scott Nearing, after their
experience in self-sufficient living,
said nature requires you to put
in about 20 hours a week, to feed, house,
and clothe yourself

... simple living, but it's a happy, peaceful

... in the end, we all just melt away, like
ice melting, letting our soul flow away
back into the ether

... so don't waste your life pursuing careers,
they are temporary, and full of bad karma

... the wise get on the road to Goloka, no matter
how far away it seems, take that road

© 2015 by zentara
If it is the last word I write, let it be Vishnu