a pitbull for God

... the world is indeed a strange place

... we are not even REAL, as people tend
to call it. For the averagely educated
person in the world, we tend to attribute
the quality of reality onto the material

... even our most renowned and respected
scientists, are saying:
that at the atomic level,
there is no such thing as REAL,
it is all energy vortices flowing in some
other unknown dimension called Time

... things can quantuum tunnel right thru
other things, like ice melting, seeping
thru something, then reforming into ice

... our material bodies are like ice, and
our spirits need to be as free as flowing water,
we need to melt away

... lucky for us, we are all on death row

... the reality which we perceive, is mostly
due to the invisible electric and maganetic
fields which we generate as material beings

... electromagnetic fields are what makes things
hard, we bump into things because of a collective
electromagnetic repulsive force

... spirits, frozen into a material world,
and we can't leave until we melt

... from my math schooling, I must say that
it all sounds like a big multidimensional matrix

... a vector space where the x-axis represents
the material world, spirit frozen into ice

... the real question, is what are the orthoganal
axis to ours, and what do they represent

... so of like the standard imaginary axis set,
where x is real, but y, and z, are imaginary

... the ulimate mathematical reality, of course would
be an infinite set of imaginary axis, and only 1 real

... I read a quote on the internet, about
some fellow name Apollonious, back circa 200 AD, in which he is taught that the entities in the spirit
worlds, the worlds orthoganal to our line
of material reality, breathe the ether,
not air

... being able to live off of the ether
alone, is the breatharian's dream, you
never need to eat again

... free from the burden of the farm

... personally, I tend toward the controversial
view of rogue physicist, whose name I seem
to recall as Gavin Wince, who says that we are
looking at reality wrong, and that is why our
equations never quite make sense

... Gavin says, in an excellent set of youtube
videos, that we should look at ourselves, first
from the point of Time, and then matter, then
the material world just becomes this elegant
infinite series of numbers, extending back and
forward thru Time, from the present

... I look at the world that way

... Gavin Wince, look for him on youtube,
if you can handle breaking out of your
thought paradigm. He calls his theory Existics

... I guess that means the study of Existence,
which is the essence of Buddhism

... contemplate your existence: what does it mean,
what is happening

... if you are wise, you will get on the road to

© 2015 by zentara
If it is the last word I write, let it be Vishnu