on the road to Goloka

... I learned one very important thing during
all the recent, retrograded Mercury, jinn induced,
psychic trauma, it is where God's home planet is,
it's called Go, and loka means planet, so
Goloka is God's location

... sort of where we knew where God to be,
before he threw us out of Eden

... so Goloka, Go d's loca tion

... if it's your last dying breathe, ask
to be placed on the Road to Goloka

... if the demons of death are strangling the
life out of your human existence, demand
to be placed on the road to Goloka

... any one who has any sense, knows
enough not to waste time chasing anything
but reunion with God in Goloka or Krishnaloka

... in other more mundane news

... I also learned that to make a proper sacrifice
to Vishnu, one must also satisy Vishnu's designated
controlling demi-gods, Brahma and Shiva

... so don't think you can satisfy Vishnu, without
the lower demigods, Brahma and Shiva, also in agreement

... at least I know where my final destination is,
Goloka ... no matter how long it takes to get there

... so ashes on the floor to satisfy Shiva, and my
hats off to the people who built these modern
computers, who are in Brahma's camp

... don't tell me I have no direction in life :-)

© 2015 by zentara
If it is the last word I write, let it be Vishnu