looking at things from a different level

... if you want to walk the walk
you have to talk the talk

... sometimes you just have to tackle
an issue

... very few events come along with the
sensitivity which exudes from abortion
and what is done with the aborted fetuses

... in the best of all worlds, abortion
would not be needed, because women
would only have the children they wanted to

... but this is not the best of all possible
worlds, and therefore we have to deal
with the ugliness of death, and dead babies,
which come from lustful or other wrongful

... I believe this. If a mother wants to
abort a fetus, that is her business, unless
the father objects. It's their karma, and
I don't have to judge them, God will.

... God says to let It judge

... for all we puny humans know, God likes
abortions because it sends the soul right to
the heavenly realm, avoiding the karmic
sh*tstorm currrently here on earth

... contrary to popular belief, earth is not
a very good place to be a human, not anymore

... maybe God wants to let certain souls pass
right into heaven, having them only being human
for the minimum time neccessary to make it
into the heavenly realms

... we should not be encouraging souls to come
to earth, it is overcrowded, overpolluted, over
exploited, and overheated

... I would put aborted fetuses under the category
of donated organ tissue, just like any other
body part

... personally, if I had to abort a fetus which I
help create, I would bury the poor thing, and not
let it be used by the modern medical industry

... show it some respect

... but I may be wrong again there, maybe some
great thing will come of it all, or maybe the
only consequence will be our collective guilt
going up one notch

... just more bad earth karma

... I suppose one remedy would be to make women
and men infertile, and only allow special
breeder women to bear society's future slaves,
from in-vitro fertilized eegs and sperm collected
from the best gene pool

... in that scenario, no abortions would be needed,
and the only issue comes from what to do with deformed
babies, another ugly question to ponder

... we breed our animals that way, don't you think
the universe is giving us the same treatment?

© 2015 by zentara
If it is the last word I write, let it be Vishnu