doing the slowdance

... when you see the news, it becomes apparent
that the system needs to keep growing, and
moving at a frenetic race

... yes, that's right, the rat race is now
necessary to keep everythin going, it's like
a merry-go-round from hell, everytime things
slow down, it speeds itself up

... now they say China might be slowing down,
both economically, and growth-wise

... in his excellent TV series Connections, James
Burke explains why historical China never went for
world dominance
... even though they were way more advanced than Europe,
and could have conquered Western Europe if they had wanted to

... it was because the leaders there knew
the value of peace and contemplation, it was built
right into the culture

... so why dosn't the world take a few decades off,
allow everyone to contemplate their situation

I saw an article on what Socrates was really like
today, and he was your intelligent, womanizing, drinking
dude ... mostly an ordinary guy

The article stated the Socrates was the first
to assert:
"that when we do wrong to someone, it's not that
we damage that person, but ourselves, inflicting
harm on our most precious possession our soul."

Socrates also said:
"Never pursue wealth at the expense of wisdom."

So, it would be wise for the world to slow down
until people understand those 2 principles

Of course, even back then, the evil existed,
and Socrates was asked to drink the poison hemlock,
for spreading such thoughts

Wikipedia states:
"found guilty of both corrupting the minds of the youth
of Athens and of
impiety ("not believing in the gods of the state"),
and subsequently sentenced to death by drinking a
mixture containing poison hemlock."

© 2015 by zentara
If it is the last word I write, let it be Vishnu