realtime with me

[funny carttoon]

... I saw this cartoon somewhere on the internet, and
it brought to mind how brainwashed the American public
is, concerning the integrity of it's Board of Directors
... it's like 1984, and 9-11 all rolled into one
... how shocking the thought, that anyone could
question the integrity of our government and
corporate leaders

... it seems that no one wants to talk about
corporate corruption and negligence, rather we wish
to believe that the corporate leaders are some
sort of mommies and daddies, watching over us
in the ignorant flock of sheep

... I thought Donald Trump might be the one,
who breaks free, wins a surprise election, and
shuts down all the old gangs, whether they be in
fine offices, or alleyways

... but Trump reportededly acted confused and unscripted
when a reporter asked him what he thought the truth
was about those 911 buildings coming down, with all
the documentation and witnesses, many witnesses within
the employ of the NYPD and NYFD ... who all generally
say: <1>booms were going off everywhere

... so maybe the revolution has yet to be
televised, but the cartoon above says it all,
as to what effect it has had on our leadership,
and our national soul

... but, as the roman's knew:
Give them bread and circus

... and plenty of bread and circus is what we got

© 2015 by zentara
If it is the last word I write, let it be Vishnu