the heat of certain death

... we all are thermogenic, we give off heat,
and we will do it even after we are dead,
until we stabilize at the earth's crust
ambient temperature

... if one was to die out in space, you would
quickly cool down to near absolute zero

... all matter at that temperature becomes
as brittle as ice

... we fill our lives with distractions, to
take our minds off of the inevitable
certaintude of our imminent demise

... compared to earth's lifetime, a single
human lifetime of say 100 years, is less
than an eyeblink

... earth must see us as little glowbugs,
which just flash by in an instant

... I have to give my heartfelt thanks to
Brahma, the great creator and engineer, for
letting me see his wizardry

... Brahma, the Unborn One, the true Unborn One

...but Brahma could only take me so far, because
like you and me, Brahma is part of the material
world, re-arisen to reconstruct places for
lifeforms to exist, and be aware, after each Bing Bang

... Brahma, and Shiva too, are mere demi-gods,
not to be sought after; the spirits
in the heavenly realms, the non-material
realms, should be one's true destination

... Brahma and Shiva are Creator and Destroyer
of all mens's plans, and they often go
astray ... but that is what a free will
is for isn't it?

... the heat of summer, is bearing down hard
now, and it's that time of the year when
you have fond rememberances of last winter's
incessant coolness

... as I gain years, I find I'll take heat over
cold any day, and thank Brahma for the AC and fans,
and swimming pools

© 2015 by zentara
If it is the last word I write, let it be Vishnu