changing form

... no one with a human body, gets back into
the heavenly realms, one has to leave the
human flesh and bones behind

... the reason is simple. We are made of
atomic mud, and the heavenly realms does not
allow atomic mud lifeforms, just by the basic
laws of physics ... we are matter, they are not

... being made of matter introduces all sorts
of speed of light issues, which the higher
entities do not have

... so we get back to the fundamental question,
which faces us living sentient creatures

... what form will we take, next, when the
human race is left behind

... I advocate choosing a world where there
is no death, no concept of time

... it would make it so we would only have to
die one last time, as a human, then be allowed
to have an eternal form ... metamorphisis complete

... die just one more time, then it's over, the
constant life and death struggle is over

... I think the Siberian Tiger just got me, and is
dragging me home for dinner.

... the baby cats yelp: oh boy, fat human for dinner

© 2015 by zentara
If it is the last word I write, let it be Vishnu