the big cat sleeps in the heat

... a big Sabre Tooth tiger isn't hungry in this
heat, he is just trying to cool off, shed some fur,
and keep the bugs off

... what summertime dreams does the Georgia heat

... dreams of Eden for the cat, death is certain
no matter which way you look at it, so dream of
where you want to be

... and soon, you'll be there, like me, in a
homeless camp for hobo's, the closest you will
get to Eden on earth

... the big cat wants to stay cool, and hunt
again, when the cool weather comes, when the
animals are fat from a summer's grazing,
and you need food to keep you warm inside,
as you grow your new winter coat, outside

... humans have no real advantage over a
Sabre Tooth tiger, especially without a gun
of some sort

... even though I'm a no-guns type of person, in
general, I can see the value of having an
accurate small caliber rifle, and one or two
hand weapons

... imagine the death, from a Sabre Tooth tiger
jumping you, a quick bite to the neck, and
you are gone, and carried off to a tree lair,
to help feed the babies

... to be honest, I am glad that most big cats,
big brown bears, and other human predators have
been killed off in my neck of the woods

... but there is always the coyotes, and the
occaisional snake, to make you think as I take
this walk in the woods,
will I come out the other side?

... for that matter, will I even make it to the
end of this day? Knowing for sure, that on that
one day, some random unforseen future day, I will
be pronounced dead

... that is the big question we want answered,
what really happens after death?

... if any spirit out there, could point me
toward Vishnu and the Vaikunthas, I would be

... it isn't easy to sit on death row, and
contemplate one's own demise, but we do it
all the time

... a symptom of loneliness I would suspect

© 2015 by zentara
If it is the last word I write, let it be Vishnu