smoke in the escape tunnel

... even under the best of circumstances, the chances
for humanity to move forward, uneventfully,
with 9 or 10 billion onboard are very slim

... we just procreated ourselves into a corner

... now, after we literally f*cked up earth, of
our own free will, we all want the gods
to land, as some advanced benign race, who just wants
to come help us out so we can procreate even more

... the gods must joke that humans breed like rabbits,
they'll just overrun a planet, like the top predatory rats,
they are

... it used to be that people in the city would think
that they could just packup and escape the city, if the
sh*t hit the fan, but it isn't so ... most people
will be stuck, right where they are
... near your doctor, near food and water

... same for the country people, you will be stuck, way
out there, with no vehicle, and no way to travel except

... when the real sh*t hits the fan, there will be no
911 emergency to call, there will be no security company
to call ... there will just be you, your weapon, the coyotes
howling, and a thirstyness for water

... always have extra water around, stored

... if you want the one substabce that humans are addicted
to, it's water, fresh drinkable water

... they say you can go a day or 2 without water, but
most people are thirsty after a couple of hours

... water means survival

© 2015 by zentara
If it is the last word I write, let it be Vishnu