hot Sunday afternoon in Georgia

... I wonder what it is going to be like, when
automated killer drones, are flying overhead,
to protect us

... to protect us from even worse drones that
want to do us even more harm than just enslave us

... so now, there is the anti-drone warfare
division, where the drone's purpose is to
hunt down other drones

... it's like the modern equivalent of the
Maginot line. We create this illusive barrier
of a radar system, that tracks high velocity
incoming missles from ICBM space attack

... but the weakness in our modern Maginot
line, is that things that move low and slow
are very hard to detect .... it may just be a flock
of birds

... there isn't much to think about in rural Georgia,
except farming and how lonely the world is

... I don't think it would too hard to shoot
down drones with computer controlled, aimed,
and belt fed, 30 cal machine guns

... if killer robots are indeed delpoyed, you
will need experts to fight against them

... maybe it is the beginning of SkyNet?

... of course, put in the proper perspective,
humans are just some material base form of life,
and pose no threat other than to themselves

... bribery, evil, lust, and greed, have infected
the entire leadership of the world

... the Russian saying is:
a fish rots from the head down,
in reference to corrupted leadership

... I wish the earth's people the wisdom
to stop fighting each other, but I feel it
falls upon closed-off minds

... ears deafened by hearing repeated gunshots,
at close range

© 2015 by zentara
If it is the last word I write, let it be Vishnu