have you encountered the powers that be?

... it was announced recently, that some big money
was going to be poured into the seeking of intelligent
extra-terrestrial beings, out there, in space somewhere

... and the counter-argument was also made, that
we might be best off, by NOT letting
the cosmos know of our presence ... they
may come and try to subjugate us, just like
we would attempt on them

... after my years of attaining wisdom, and
thinking about a real extraterrestrial visit,
I have realized that they already have arrived,
in the form of their thoughts and conciousness

... the true gods, have returned, and are working
on this planet. THey are in our heads, in our
mass conciousness

We think these creatures are
supposed to be like us, humanoid lifeforms;
but they are not. They are superior beings from
a higher dimensional status, they are here,
and they are manipulating events

... we want space aliens to come to us, and
we want equality or inferiority to them, we
surely don't want superior creatures, those
who can control humans, just by the power
of their minds

... however, the higher spirits are here, it's
a dangerous time on earth, and they are trying to help
as many see the truth as possible

... the problem is that the truth is this: we should
relinquish our human dreams, and pursue the
dream of one's immortal soul

... most people can't really handle that truth,
we hang onto human life, we hang on to human dreams,
so you will probably put this out of your mind,
and pretend you never
read it

© 2015 by zentara
If it is the last word I write, let it be Vishnu