Monday Morning politics

... after watching Trump on the TV shows, he used
to seem repuslsive to me, a rich white fat cat
from New York

... but in what he has been saying about sealing
the Mexican border, and the quality of people coming
North, he is right, any presidential person should
realize what a real threat to peace and security that is

... at first, I was in a bit of a huff about Jade Helm,
and it's potential for military law being imposed

... but on the other hand, I do expect my federal
government to make a show of force in the area,
sending the message to the cartels, that their
silver or lead offers cannot be tolerated
north of the Rio Grande

... have no doubt, Jade Helm is aimed at the cartels,
not the good honest people of the South West

... you watch movies, you see how easy it is to smuggle
across the wide open southern border

... anyways, I usually don't bother with politics,
but I say to myself, if I'm honest with myself,
I agree with what Mr. Trump says

... it's almost what I would pass off to my beer
drinking buddies as political wisdom

... there is but one question:
How honest is he concerning the events of 9/11?

... I say Mr. Trump, good luck, at least you
are an somewhat honest man, to call the situation
for what it really is ... the corporate takeover
of Amerika

... I remember a poem and or hit song from back
in my youthful days:
The revolution will NOT be televised.

... it was correct,the revolution wasn't televised,
it's on Youtube though.

... I say Mr Trump, to fix the situation, to prevent
the US military from being used as a private militia,
for some powerful international bankers, we must
adopt the advice from the now-deceased, High Ranking
US Marine Corp General Smedley Butler, who says,
war is a racket, and our troops and military should
not be used more than 500 miles from our borders

... that will keep international, corporate war
shenanigans, to a minimum, and troops home, to monitor
our southern and northern borders.

... Jesse Ventura turned me on to Smedley Butler,
but I don't think Ventura likes Trump

... what's wrong with all crossers having to come
thru a checkpoint?

... I have nothing against most immigrants who want
to cross in, but they should go thru designated
checkpoints .... anything less is almost completely
incompetant, if you are talking about really
protecting this country

... the current leadership is negligent in letting the
illegal border crossings to occur

... but that is just my opinion, and it's weird how my
own rhetoric mimics Trumps .... maybe the Donald
is right, he is a very smart person

... I don't know if his soul is heading to heaven or hell,
but he is a smart person

© 2015 by zentara
If it is the last word I write, let it be Vishnu