a little thought about spiritual realization

... at one time, I used to take care of as many
as 20 horses... shovelin stalls, moving them around,
etc. But now, I only need to take care of one rabbit

... just one rabbit, and it is still a hassle, but
it forces me to get up and take care of the thing,
everyday, on schedule. Otherwise I would be incurring
the wrath of the demi-gods, for keeping an animal caged
while not giving it first class accomadations in the
way of regular food and water

... we all are in cages, little thought constructs
in our minds, which limit our perceived ability
to do move freely, Would you go and do something really
revolutionary, like quit your job and just start
living out of a backback and pup tent?
That would demonstrate freedom of movement

... just say f*ck everything... I'm walking out, and
ain't gonna worry about paying rent no more, even if
it means I have to sleep on the streets

... tent living ain't so bad, but I will leave one
word of wisdom to anyone on the path ... take cold
showers ... do not get yourself into hotwater

... cold showers builds more healthy fat layers under
your skin, and that is good if you live outdoors,
just ask any walrus

... just live outdoorsy lives in campgrounds, living
cheap and free

... the hobo in me, is the last thing to die

© 2015 by zentara
If it is the last word I write, let it be Vishnu