there are a million ways to die

... man, things are getting crazy lately

... Om Shiva, Om, I sense you have arrived
on earth, and I welcome the demigod of Destruction

... about Time you arrived, Sir

... western water shortages, crazy lonewolf
shooters, jihadists, gangs, and whatever
other stuff the secret socities running things
nowadays, do throw our way

... all military personel should be carrying
firearms at work, why were these 2 marines
left without a way to fight back?, they should
at least have had sidearms on

... I think open sidearms displays a sense of
order in any given situation, and I would
be more likely to enlist, if I saw a prominently
displayed sidearm on him, or her

... I heard a movie line the other day, something
like there are a million ways to die,
you have to pick one
, and I would add
that most assuredly, one, will get you sometime,
somewhere, so don't sweat it

... out of all known humans, none has been able to
avoid death, although those genetic engineers are
sure working hard at that very problem

... I think toying with the genetics, thru which God
has let us evolve, is going to be our last mistake

... I'm glad to be getting older, because it teaches you
the wisdom of being able to see past death, and not be
afraid anymore, we are immortal souls,

... plus with my aches and pains at my advancing age,
the world would be doing me a favor, by just letting
me die, I've seen enough of earth, that is for sure

... I just want to sleep, and forget it all

... the world didn't turn out to be like DisneyLand,
did it?

... but then, there is that dang sense of self-preservation,
and I think that is what keeps me alive

... so keep the faith, that the greater spirit of God,
will prevail over the disposal of the human mob
which seems to be wreaking havoc on the earth now

... follow your dream, go for the world where it more
closely approximates Eden

... it's your immortal soul which counts, so be true to
your immortal soul, and not worry about death

... if God could only show you, what a true mess
the human race has become, you would be glad to
die, right now, just to escape the karmic mess

... death is actually doing me a favor by letting me
die, so can move my immortal soul into an immortal
realm, and get out of the material world.

... to go where there is no more death and dying

... because your soul is released from the material

... I hope those Marines made it to Valhalla

© 2015 by zentara
If it is the last word I write, let it be Vishnu