hanging out with Uma

... I saw an Uma Thurman movie, from when she
was very young, and I can see why Uma was given
to Shiva to be his wife

... Shiva always falls for a pretty face, and as
a matter of fact, the only time Shiva was ever beaten
in battle, was by the hands of the only female
form of Vishnu that there is, named Mohini.
There is but 1 female avatar which Vishnu
has, but....she is the most beautiful female
ever to exist, and no being can resist her charm
... a true danger to men everywhere :-)
... even for Shiva

... another interesting one is Roxanne, she
was the wife of Alexander the Greek

... I like those names, Uma and Roxanne, but
modern women can't put me under their thumbs,
so I never got married

... I'm actually happy about that, but I guess
you can't miss, what you never had, a wife who
you are happy to be with

... I'm starting a new men's club called MOTO,
Men On Their Own ... we only dream of having an
Uma of our very own

... man, the weather is getting hot

© 2015 by zentara
If it is the last word I write, let it be Vishnu