just thinking again

... it's the 4rth of July, and I wonder why
we celebrate Independence Day, and if we are
truly free

... free from the King of England, to be
sold to the Bank of England, to pay rent
to, and work for, in their power games in the

... no one in America is really free, we are
still paying to the masters, who by working
invisibly upstairs in the high offices and
armies of the world, keep us under their thumbs

... are we really free? The public media
has brainwashed everyone into believing
that what they saw isn't true, how can
that possibly be? Only Edward Bernays

... those 2 twin towers did not come down
by 2 jet crashes ... they were brought down
by expert demolition teams

... it's obvious to a 7 year old, the
twin trade towers were a controlled takedown

... so, who is it ? ... hiding there behind
the corporate walls, owning our debt, and
keeping the US shackled as a slave

... using it's military, as a private mercenary force

... we've accumulated so much debt, as a
nation, that your great great grandchildren
will be paying it off

... paying it off to who?
Who is it up there,
who prints and controls the money?
Contols the banks, and ultimately controls
all the land?

... what's going to happen when, like Greece,
the US cannot repay it's debt? The whole
US just says f*ck the world, and says we refuse
to pay any debts, and, as a matter of fact,
YOU owe US, for all the fake wars you had
generations of us fight, for your f*cked
up economic agendas?

... who sits at the top of the heap?
... and ultimately, gets your mortgage
or rent money?

... I think it was an old Italian mobster
who said "the world is a con game, where a few
people live as fat-cats, by getting the rest of
us to willingly work as their slaves"

... it's the best con-game going

... just think if you are truly free, on this
Independence Day
... who, collects money
from you, and threatens you with life
on the streets
if you do not comply

who are you, who who, who who

© 2015 by zentara
If it is the last word I write, let it be Vishnu