do what the witch doctor says

... the world is getting to be a crazier and wickider
one, by the minute, it's called the descent into the
Age of Kali-Yuga, where greed and avarice draw everyone
into the trap, the game .... it's a man-trap called Babylon

... it is written that in the age of Kali-Yuga,
humans will spiritually degenerate rapidly,
loosing their innocense, as the truth about
the world reveals itself to you

... but then, by the grace of God, in Kali-Yuga,
one is not to be held liable for thoughts, it's
only when action is taken, that is there any actual
karma incurred

... it's a great benefit to a human soul, to know
that thoughts will not be held against you

... but on the flip side, God is showing to us
the meaning of karma, and the concept of pure

... Prabupada says that people operate in 3
general modes: Goodness, Passion, and Ignorance

... as far as God is concerned, that is how we
are categorized, and judged by Yama, for another

... and in Kali-Yuga, the battle between good
and evil, is all played out within our thoughts,
each of us face this giant collossal battle
in our minds, concerning the sale of our souls,
and the Paramatma watches, seeing your inner

... winning at the re-incarnation game, means to
cultivate good karma, because if your karma is
good, there should be no fear of death, because
the self-realized soul knows that it is eternal

... the real way to win in Life, is to learn
how to return to the GodHead, return to the
Eden of mythical lore

... that's the big brass ring one grabs for
on the merry-go-round called earth

... to be honest, I think I am quite lucky
to be coming thru earth at such a time

... it's getting hot out now, but the mornings
are cool so far

© 2015 by zentara
If it is the last word I write, let it be Vishnu