to be Emperor

... I was watching a video on the history
of the building of the Anglo-American Empire

... in it, most people didn't know that the
queen of England wasn't the richest person in
the world, at 5 Trillion; but is superceded
by her banker, the Rothchilds, at 100 Trillion

... I saw a benevolent organization start where
participating billionaires were going to give
one half their fortunes away to the poor, I say
that is pretty fair, and those people should be

... now since all of recent politics seem
to center around building the Anglo-American
Empire, and if the Rothschilds are the bankers of
it all, would'nt it be fair for them to forgive
the 10 Triilion Dollar US debt, so we can start
our own rebuilding, without the heavy load of debt
on us

... it's only 10% of their holdings, but it would
mean so much to us, the honest Americans, who are
being forced to pay this debt

... heck, why not the debt of the entire world,
and that would still leave them with Trillions,
and enough worldwide applause and admiration,
that they would have total popular support
as True Leader of the New World Order?

... that man would be Emperor. A true Emperor
would forgive the debts of his subjects, if it
meant a better future in the sense of the
general welfare

... the Rothchild name would go from shady
infamy, to glorious figures as the builders
of the New World Order

... if you think about being an Emperor,
is that a blessing or a curse?

© 2015 by zentara
If it is the last word I write, let it be Vishnu