the true dope on animal killing

... I was looking thru my log on my readings from the
Srimad Bhagavatam, to see where I left off yesterday,
and yesterday's instructions caught my attention,
and I will show it below.

The one big beef I have with Christians, is the bad
karma they incur by eating meat, especially meat
from commercial slaughterhouses, and saying it is Ok,
because somewhere, sometime, the midevil king got
the clergy to proclaim:
Man has dominion over the animals.

... even though the 5th Commandment clearly states:
Thou shall not kill, Christians seem to think
it ok to kill and eat animals ... this digs deep
into the karma of why America is such an aggressive
nation ... its eating meat, for the lusty feelings
it induces, that feeling of strength and dominance

... so, here goes, from Prabupada's explanation
of verse from the SB:

be educated to the path of Godhead they must be
taught first and foremost to stop the process of
animal killing as above mentioned. It is nonsensical
to say that animal killing has nothing to do with
spiritual realization. By this dangerous theory many
so-called sannyasis have sprung up by the
grace of Kali-yuga who preach animal killing under
the garb of the Vedas. The subject matter has already
been discussed in the conversation between
Lord Caitanya and Maulana Chand Kazi Shaheb.
The animal sacrifice as stated in the Vedas is
different from the unrestricted animal killing in the
slaughterhouse. Because the asuras or the so-called
scholars of Vedic literatures put forward the evidence
of animal killing in the Vedas, Lord Buddha
superficially denied the authority of the Vedas.
This rejection of the Vedas by Lord Buddha was
adopted in order to save people from the vice of
animal killing as well as to
save the poor animals from the slaughtering process
of their big brothers who clamor for universal
brother hood, peace, justice and equity. There is
no justice when there is animal killing. Lord Buddha
wanted to stop it completely, and therefore his cult
of ahirhsa was propagated not only in India but
also outside the country.

Maharaja Parikit said that only the animal killer
cannot relish the transcendental message of the
Supreme Lord. Therefore if people are to by proper
culture, the activities of the self begin. Therefore
a man who is engaged in the activites of the self
is called jivanmukta, or a liberated person even
in the conditional existence.

So .... there you go, meat eating goes against
the 5th Commandment

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