In a godda da vida baby

... abandon all hope, ye who enter here

... I was listening to the radio about a story
of the origins of famous slurred song lyrics,
and one caught my attention.
The song In a goddha da vida, was really meant
to be said: In a Garden of Eden .... baby

... there is some sort of psychic mass-conciousness
response to knowing that... that rock-and-roll song,
which everyone rocked to way back when
... actually has deep symbolic meaning to our minds

... I too find myself seeking the garden of eden,
but what do we have when we get there? I'm close
to being there, but compared to earth, it is very
boring ... your detached soul just drifts into
a slow 0m-like state, of bliss at the opportunity
of just being alive

... mud, who comes together from sands and minerals,
made from decomposing stardust, for a quick peek into
the material world

... then again, once in Eden, a man must deal with
Eve ... and the original sin of being lustful
for the world, a topic which Eve specializes in,
and is also known as Maya

... just realize that most women, due to their maternal
instincts, want more and more material comforts to raise their babies, and seduce men into building them empires

... Maya entices you into another reincarnation here
on earth, and you get that by having you lust for
material things

... believe, that the Devil is warden of the earth,
and does the will of God, by keeping all souls who
desire for themselves riches here in the material world,
will probably have to return to earth, for another painful
... and conditions on earth are getting pretty bad

... I would rather be a poor boy in-a-godda-da-vida,
than a rich man on earth, in the karmic game, at least
less guilt over how the world is being controlled,
and ultimately getting fucked up

... the warden of earth is commanded by God, to keep
our souls locked into the material world, until we
are seen fit to be released back unto the cosmos

... can you hold a man on earth? If he was offered
back into the garden of eden, just by recognizing
Eve, for the Evil Illusion she is

... many people have lost their option of free transit
to heaven, by leading terrible lives here on earth,
such souls should be kept out of heaven

... they have no heavenly aspirations, they mostly
aspire to luxery here on earth

... live simple, and you can live free from the
rat race of the modern techno-industrial nightmare

... the man on the radio said that the current
game is to make everyone aspire to being celebrities

... gain applause or notoriaty

.... anyways, no woman holds a claim on me

© 2015 by zentara
If it is the last word I write, let it be Vishnu