good old King Indra

... a thought has been occurring to me recently
about the Western water crisis

... my first thought was what would I do?,
considering what I know now

... I would pray to King Indra, the great demigod
in the spirit world who controls the rain

... even if you no longer believe in God out there
in the western wastelands, at least you can
pray to the local force who controls the weather,
King Indra, who may birth an El Nino for everyone

... the wind blew sunny, warm and dry today, a
pleasant relief after the rain dumped on us last

... no complaints, everything just turned lush
and green, like overnight. My vegetable startups
doubled, if not tripled, in size

... good energy from King Indra

... you make prayers to him, in your head, and if
your karma is so, Indra answers

... well, that is what I would do, first thing,
make prayers and offerings to Indra

... at least make him aware that you are there, and
getting short on water

© 2015 by zentara
If it is the last word I write, let it be Vishnu