living to 1000

... as the human race wises up to what is
going on, here on this planet, Maya must
come up even greater illusions to keep
souls here on earth, much like Odessus's
sirens, drawing him, uncontrollably to
the island

... now the headlines, touted on Drudge,
is that the latest breakthru coming
from Silicon Valley, is concept that this
is the first generation will will live to
be 1000 years old

... first of all, this would take the genetic
enginering of humans, and what could
possibly go wrong with that?

... all this is to entice young fools into
the concept of living to 1000, in a clever
attempt to bolster support for genetic
engineering research

... and the way the DEBT is going, it seems
that that is how long one would have to live to
pay off our collective debt to the government,
who, so wisely wasted it on wars

... I mean, if you know the truth about the
human race, and any man who asks God for the
Truth will plainly see this, the humans are
a treacherous, bad, group of people

... don't be fooled by the smile of a pretty
face, who has perfectly capped teeth, and an
almost flawless plastic face

... the robots are coming too

... and don't be fooled by the great robot's they
parade on the media ... robots are being designed
to replace us humans

... f*ck the robots, it's almost as if the Borg
have landed

... so, who in their right mind, would even want
to live with humans for 1000 years?

© 2015 by zentara
If it is the last word I write, let it be Vishnu