going beyond Buddhism

... on this Easter Sunday, I think of rebirth
and resurrection

... my first real awakening to real spirituality
came when I was initiated as a White Tara by
Tibetan Buddhists, when I was in Hawaii

... it essentially meant I would live long
enough to attain enlightenment

... now, I see Krishna, and I know the meaning
of real enlightenment, and I have to leave
Buddhism behind, even though it is the path
to true Conciousness

... but there is something beyond Conciousness

... this all became apparent to me when I
watched a documentary on the Tibetan Book
of the Dead, which is the Tibetan Buddhist's
guide to life after death

... in it, Buddhism suggests that one should seek
out another human birth, in order to study and
further understand the source of earthly suffering
and misery

... in fact, the great white light which
is said to be seen after death, is actually the
light received by the eyes of your next rebirth
in the material world ... light from the eyes of
one's next incarnation

... well, I have had enough of suffering on earth,
especially since the leaders of the world are doing
very little, if not nothing to alleviate the misery

... even the Dalai Lama recently announced, that he
was the last one, even he was not coming back, it's
time to leave earth

... to give a perspective on why the path to Krishna
is superior to all others, I will share my reading
from the Srimad Bhagavatam this morning

... Srila Prabupada writes:

The expansion of ignorance is explained in this verse.
The first ignorance is to identify one's material body,
which is made of five elements, as the self, and the
second is to accept something as one's own due to a bodily
connection. In this way ignorance expands. The living
entity is eternal, but because of his accepting
nonpermanent things, misidentifying his interest, he
is put into ignorance, and therefore he suffers
material pangs.

For the sake of the body, which is a source of constant
trouble to him and which follows him because he is bound
by ties of ignorance and fruitive activities, he performs
various actions which cause him to be subjected to
repeated birth and death.

In Bhagavad-gita it is said that one has to work to
satisfy Krishna, or Vishnu, for any work done without the
purpose of satisfying the Supreme Personality of Godhead
is a cause of bondage. In the conditioned state a living
entity, accepting his body as himself, forgets his
eternal relationship with the Supreme Personality of
Godhead and acts on the interest of his body.
He takes the body as himself, his bodily expansions
as his kinsmen and the land from which his body is
born as worshipable.
In this way he performs all sorts of misconceived
activities, which lead to his perpetual bondage in
repetition of birth and death in various species.

In modern civilization, the so-called social, national
and government leaders mislead people more and more,
under the bodily conception of life, with the result
that all the leaders, with their followers, are gliding
down to hellish conditions birth after birth.

An example is given in Srimad Bhagavatam.
Andha yathandhair upaniyamana:
when a blind man leads several other blind men, the
result is that all of them fall down in a ditch.

This is actually happening. There are many leaders
to lead the ignorant public, but because every one
of them is bewildered by the bodily conception of life,
there is no peace and prosperity in human society.
So-called yogis who perform various bodily feats
are also in the same category as such ignorant people
because the hatha-yoga system is especially
recommended for persons who are grossly implicated
in the bodily conception.

The conclusion is that as long as one is fixed in the
bodily conception, he has to suffer birth and death.

Hare Krishna everyone, go beyond the great white light.

© 2015 by zentara
If it is the last word I write, let it be Vishnu