the beginning of the end

... some recent news events signal the end
of civilization as we know it

... the first, it was reported recently that
over half the people of Great Britain, comprised
mostly of immigrants, want to get rid of the
British government

... needless to say, the current power structure
there, will stomp on the democratic principle of
majority rule, thereby ending any remaining semblance
of democracy over there

... Jews are being harrassed out of France, once
again by a wave of unwanted immigrants

... the United States is now allowing in a wave
of these same immigrants, and soon, very soon,
they will have majority rule, and what will
the power structure here do about it?

... you can guess, it will be to stomp out
majority rule in favor of rule by some elitist
cartel comprised of intelligence agencies and drug

... the drugs are pushed for 2 purposes. One is
it makes alot of money for the people at the top,
and two, it destroys the mind and will of the people

... all that said, the one news report which really
irks me, is that people in the United States cannot
find work close to home, forcing them to drive cars

... the oil and car industries are going to be the
ruination of the world ... they deny climate change
and want nothing more than to put as many people
in cars ... it is a real shame

... we have had about 40 years since the first warning
bells went off about this problem, and has anything
been done? No, and it represents a complete failure of

... by now, we should have setup many small villages
where people don't need cars. Where people can live,
walk, bike, and get to work without cars

... anything less than that amounts to a curse on

... I had to laugh about the much touted story about
a poor man in Detroit, who had to bus and walk 21 miles
each way, everyday, to get to his low wage job at some
sweat shop

... what was the answer the city provided? Ford gave him
a truck to drive, they didn't provide him with a job
close to home

... what a fiasco ... keep more people burning more
and more oil, instead of remedying the housing and work

... I am reminded of a quote by Ghengis Khan, when
he was conquering the world:

I am the punishment of God ... If you had not
committed great sins, God would not have sent a
punishment like me upon you.

... when it happens, don't pretend you are innocent

... all I can say is the World better start figuring
out ways to get rid of all the wasteful car driving

... the oil you burn is the blood of planet earth

© 2015 by zentara
If it is the last word I write, let it be Vishnu