paying the boatman

... what is the purpose of human life?

... what distinquishes us from a dog or hog?

... the Srimad Bhagavatam says that the
human form is the only vessel for crossing
the material ocean with hopes of gaining
entrance into the heavans, and freedom
from the clutches of maya, which is the
seduction of the material world

From the SB:
It is said that this human form of life
is the only means for crossing over the
nescience of maya, or material existence.
We have a very efficient boat in this human
form of body, and there is a very expert
captain, the spiritual master; the scriptural
injunctions are like favorable winds.
If we do not cross over the ocean of nescience
of material existence in spite of all these
facilities, then certainly we are all intentionally
committing suicide.

... that is why humans fall prey to thoughts that
they are on par with God, because when we are fortunate
enough to get a human incarnation, we start to get a glimpse
into heaven ... we get a glimpse of the perfection
of God's abode, and we want it, we want to
get back into the Vaikunthas

... and we want it NOW, we want heaven on earth

... the trouble for us is, God needs to test each
human before they can be allowed back in, and
that is where maya comes in ... maya is the
illusion tht we can be gods unto ourselves, here
in the material world

... you currently see it all around in the news

... such as promises of scientists that they have
found how to extend human life indefinitely
thru genetic manipulation. Or that they will
be able to do total head transplants, onto
fresh young bodies. Stories of humans conquering
space and colonizing other worlds are very

... the idea put forth is that you can stay in
the material world forever, and experience the
pleasures and powers of a demigod

... this is all maya. It is the Trap.
Souls who choose that path will not make it,
and will be doomed to another lifetime of misery
in the material world

... essentially commiting suicide, spiritual suicide

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