Who or What is God?

... I was watching some Joe Rogan on youtube, and
when he was asked what is God, he replied
that no one really knows, despite all the theories
out there. A very logical, scientific response,
worthy of Mr. Spock.

... the Srimad Bhagavatam gives a pretty good answer.
God is Time.

... We as humans have a hard time conceiving of what
Time actually is, and how our lives are controlled by
it, and the event sequences thus produced

... does that sound like God to you?

... What is the Time factor in the cosmos? If there
was no Time, it would just be a static unchanging
world. We wouldn't even be able to have a thought,
because even the teeny tiniest thought takes time
to occur.

... from a ying-yang perspective, the material
creation is feminine, and thus many worship the
goddess. But the static feminine material cosmos
is nothing, it is incomplete, until it is
impreganated with Time, the male factor

... the female immovable object or space, is
combined with the male unstoppable force,
or time, to create spacetime

... once spacetime exists, then conciousness can
develop, and we can then wonder what it is all about

... there is nothing without Time, and it can't
be bought, sold, or controlled by mere human mortals

... so Time is our limited human conception of what
God is, but anyone who studies a bit deeper, realizes
that God is even more than the Time given to humans,
to play out our karmic games

... I still believe in the concept of the Garden
of Eden, and I believe that good people fall into
one of 2 camps. One camp, wants to learn how
to be at peace with God, and return to the
Garden. The other camp, wants to make their
own human version of the Garden here on earth.

... there is also a third group, consisting of
those who don't believe in God at all, and they
just create Hell on earth, thinking that they
themselves are gods

... whatever camp you are in, it all takes Time,
and we still don't know what it is, even though
its passage is seen by all.

... The experience of Time passing, is God giving
you the chance to make it back to Eden

... it goes by very quick


© 2015 by zentara
If it is the last word I write, let it be Vishnu