the optical illusions

... when you get wiser about how the world
really works, you begin understand what
the ultimate guru, Srila Prabupada meant
when he stated that it is all illusion

... even one's feeble enemies, are just illusion,
as soul drama plays out in the material world .
They, he said, may not even know how they fit
into your world view of conflict

... modern astrophysics teachers are saying that
we could all be in a 4 dimensional hologram
of sorts, projected down from our soul
information, on the surface of the universe

... well, that is better than our brains
are just sitting in jars on some wall

... I like holograms better, you become
what you think, rather than fake information
pumped in from above, thru electrodes
of some sort

... I felt a chinook-like wind today, and thought
this what I want the weather in heaven to be

... it felt like a cool breeze

... but it only lasted for a few minutes

... just like life, just a few seconds of cosmic time, to decide, whether you are to be a hero, or villian

© 2015 by zentara
If it is the last word I write, let it be Vishnu