eat, drink, and be merry

... in light of all the dire predictions for
the future, whether it be over-population,
climate catastrophe, war, or whatever,
one thing is certain, each of our annihilations
is assured, so don't waste your time trying
to build defenses against the forces of
Time and karma

... what do you do when certain death
is inevitable, and it is for each of us

... what do you do?

... I heard a priestess from a Equadorian
commune say:
you need to decide if you will play the role
of hero, or villian

... the best thing to hope for, is that
your death does not come from starvation,
or worse, lack of water

... so, spend some time making peace with
your creator, then once you get your feet
into heaven's door, eat, drink, and be merry

... one must be merry

... because no matter what being kills you,
whether it's a sniper's bullet in the head,
or a butterfly flapping it's wings in equatorial
africa, causing a wind storm here,
thus making a fatal coconut fall on your head,
the fact is that there is no escape from death, so
you may as well be merry about living, because
it's the only chance you get

... the secret to happiness, is knowing that
you are already dead, when nothing matters
anymore ... free at last

... so, hero, or villian?, and could it be
a twisted trick of maya, where the villian
is actually the hero?

... it's going to be cold tonight, very cold

... good for dreaming

© 2015 by zentara
If it is the last word I write, let it be Vishnu