remembering the Magna Carta

... I was musing today about the loss of the
rights given to us by the US constitution,
with the spy-agency's takeover of the United
States, and the Patriot Act etc., all based
on a well documented false-flag attack

... eh, the City wanted to get rid of those
buildings anyways, and they would never get a
permit to demolish in that part of town

... the rights lost, due to that incident,
are all substantial ... basically, the US
Constitution has been suspended, and if they
want, they can kill anyone they want and
make it look accidental ... bye bye
US Constitution

... our only salvation is that there are
so many of us, that they can't possibly
put us all in jail, economically

... well, there are always the FEMA camps,
but they are not being used as far as I know

... so they let us think we are
free, to pay rent and mortgages and
work at jobs which keep the military
industrial complex strong

... I guess that is just life in the Brave
New World

... the US constitutional rights loss
pales in comparison to one thing,
the one document which precedes
the US constitution ... the Magna Carta

... as I was decent schoolboy, and
had a few good teachers, I see that the
Magna Carta rights are also in peril

... for those who don't remember, way back
when, the king actually legally owned all
the people in his domain

... the Magna Carta says that you as a peon,
have rights, and are not property of the king

... how close are we to coming back to that
point, where all peasants are forced to suck
from the teats of the Beast? Owned by the 1%.

... I am forced to suck from the teats of the
Beast, as my 40 acres and a mule are gone, everything
I get comes from the outside except for the few
vegetables I can grow

... and even then, I have to buy the seeds each spring

... but I don't believe that the beast owns me,
I just want it to feed me, cradle to grave

... it is worth fighting for your Magna Carta rights,
otherwise they might put everyone in FEMA camps

... it happened once before, in Europe, before World War 2

© 2015 by zentara
If it is the last word I write, let it be Vishnu