reaching the Malthusian limit

... I remember in high school science, them teaching
us about the Malthusian limit, the point where the
earth's population expands beyond it's stable capacity

... much like an overcrowded ferry, where the population
surged due to modern medical practices, earth's
carrying capacity has been met, and the warning
flags are going off all over the place

... I noticed this when it was recently reported by
the agro-business people that the so-called
green revolution has reached it's limit.
Due to climate change and the people's general
rejection of genetically modified plants, there
will soon not be enough food for everyone, at
least according to today's consumption standards

... so what is going to happen, when food and
fresh water shortages hit?

... I think it would be in the best interest
of the nation, to spend billions on de-salination
stations all over the West coast

... make salt water desalination the number one
priority ... make it relatively cheap

... that is my reverse-osmosis for today

© 2015 by zentara
If it is the last word I write, let it be Vishnu