the Valentine's Day massacre

... I'm already a nihilist, figuring the earth would
be better off without humans anyways, and was lucky
enough to watch Dr. Strangelove again

... it is uncanny how current the movie actually
is, and unreal, with finding myself agreeing with
Col Jack Ripper's logic

... it also struck me for the first time, how
after the bomb went off, plans were discussed
for harboring as many as possible in old deep
mines ... maybe 200,000, or MORE, could
survive, in a world where the living envy
the dead

... the one scene that resonated with me, in
terms of current affairs, was it appeared the
President, was chastising the general for
allow such a failure to happen

... it also reminded of the movie Failsafe,
where President Henry Fonda, had to allow
his own nuclear bomber, to blow up New York,
to appease the Russians for us blowing up
Moscow, accidently

... this was done to prevent a full scale
World War 3

... oh well, that is why I never wanted kids,
I couldn't bear letting them come into the
world I see coming in the future, I'm doing
the souls a favor

... but who knows, maybe a great new age will
bloom, where everyone is happy on the pills
they give out so freely

... yeah, sapping my precious bodily fluids, indeed

... if I could, and I wish no respect to her,
but I would like my Valentine's Day wishes to go
to the spirit Ekadashi

... I sense she is there, in the psychic space,
surrounding me, and communicating with me

... be my Valentine, Ekadashi, as your service to Vishnu is beyond compare

© 2015 by zentara
If it is the last word I write, let it be Vishnu