the trannies, not to be confused with Transcendental

... I always felt weird, as a kid, not wanting
to be like Bruce Jenner, all-star athelete, on
the Wheaties box

... now I know why, after he turns into a
transsexual, and gets involved in a deadly
auto crash, killing some soul driving in the
oncoming lane, in an odd chain-reaction collision.

... the Russians, have banned transexuals from
driving, if they show symptoms of erratic, odd
behaviour, from all the hormones they are taking

... of course, he could have been setup, by someone
ahead slamming on their brakes for no reason, just
to cause him the collision, but that may be getting
into the real karma of the whole thing, things
no one talks about ... like how most TV in America
is skillfully crafted by a hidden hand somewhere

... it's becoming a weird world. I stop donating
to NPR because it seems that every 3rd story had
something to do with transexuals, lbgt, and the
bunch, and how we are all supposed to respect

... of course, all souls must be respected for
the path they are on, but most trannies are ugly
as women, so why embarrass the public, and just
keep your homosexual fantasies in fantasy land,
and don't actually do it, or plasticize your body
to make it more realistic

... things are always better in your fantasy land,
making it real, degrades it, debasing it by contact
with the material world

... anyways, Prabupada says in the Srimad Bhagavatam,
that in our current age of Kali-yuga, the iron age,
we are not responsible for what we think, only
for what we do in reality ... so fantasize away, if
need be

... there are some exceptions to this rule, but
that is shaman level stuff

... if anything, if a person is not happy with
their sexual assignment, they would be better off
going to a non-sexual state. Just get rid of sex
out of your life all together, as sex desire is
one of the great distractions from you attaining
knowledge of your true self

... look at dogs. If you neuter a male, he will
live longer, be happier, and be a way nicer dog.
Not worrying about territory and chasing bitches
in heat

... the same is true for the female dogs. A big
female Pit Bull is way more complacent if spayed.

... so, I will draw a fine line. I find a problem with
transexual medical procedures, but would support
neutering therapy, if it is their request

... call it the David Bowie syndrome

... turn us all into non-sexual automatons, you get that way
when you get older anyways

... but don't alter your body, or hormones, it leads
to bad things, unless nature does it for you

© 2015 by zentara
If it is the last word I write, let it be Vishnu