the message behind the current BHT controvery

... I get a laugh out of the current BHT controvery,
and when you get to wikipedia, and look at it's chemical
ring structure, it looks like a little snowman waving,
with an OH for a head

... OH, Ok. Mr. Oh, the cute little friendly snowmen
we eat in junk food. Which do what? They, according to
wikipedia, make it so
free radicals must be kept in check.

... I think Mr Bernays would be quite pleased with
the psychosomatic control factor this presents

... keeping free radicals in check, mmmm... thats good
and tasty

... but getting back to even more earth shattering news,
Bruce Jenner, the guy on the BHT loaded Wheaties boxes,
has turned himself into a girl

... living with all those females as stepfather, has
beat the maleness right out of him

... or, was it all the BHT

... is there a connection there? Who cares? This
is all the mindless distraction of Maya, the
Great Illusion that binds all of our souls here
to earth ... keep them interested in sex, so they
don't revolt, plus they get more babies, to serve
as future workers and warriors

... it helps to intoxicate them too

... so who is behind this scheme to control our
lives, and the future of the children?

... some hidden Pharoah from another planet, here,
plundering the earth?

... or some fallen angel, who has been alive here
for a long long time, trapped on earth, but
using humans for it's workforce, so it's evil
soul can escape back out into space?

... I believe in God, but equating the concept
of God, with some beings flying around in
UFO's, is an incorrect equation

... God is in a superior multi-dimensional space,
agents of God do not need to fly in space craft, they
appear almost as if by magic

... so, who are these lower life forms, who
are trapped in the material world, with superior
technology to us?

... along with the legends of Sodom and Gormorrah,
India now claims that there is evidence that atomic
weapons were used on a few of their ancient lost

... what civilization preceded us, who appeared
as gods in the sky, with wings and firesticks?

... I remember to this day, the book by Henry
Rowe Schoolcraft, transcribing ancient Indian
oral tales, before the white man's civilization
wiped them out

... there was the story of the firestick, the magic
stick that anyone at whom it was pointed, died

... the indians were told never to touch the
firestick, at great penalty

... but, some young buck, saw that one of the
god's craft had landed, and the god wasn't there.
So he grabbed the god's firestick, and ran.

... the result was many god's coming, in many
more flying craft, and they would not leave until
the firestick was returned

... back then they were wise. The tribe returned
the firestick, and all was well after that.

... I kid you not, that story was in a crufty
old copy I read on Mackinac Island, just randomly
picked off of the library shelf

... old indian oral tales of the indigenous

... I mean returning a stolen firestick,
is that too much to ask for?

© 2015 by zentara
If it is the last word I write, let it be Vishnu