if the people only knew

... if the people only knew how much power
they actually have, they could easily retake
control over this country, and free the world
from constant foreign wars fought for corporate

... this is the perfect time for a real third-party
contender for the 2016 US presidency

... Jesse Ventura says that polls show that only
10% of the American people approve of their Congress,
which is about the only place they have any effect,
with the impact of local state elections for Congress
and Senate

... that 10% who approve are the big shots and aristocrats,
who think we are just their work force and baby-making

... I believe I heard the Secretary of Defense addressing
the Congress, and when asked by someone:
why do we need more drones?,
he replied:
I don't think we need anymore drones, we have 435
of them right here in Congress

... of course, I think he was making a joke, I think, I hope

... so Jesse Ventura wants to run, and I support him.
He wants Howard Stern to be his VP, so he can raise money
without FCC constraints on his satellite radio show.
My only problem with that, is that it puts Howard, one
heartbeat away from the presidency. As Mr. Ventura would
say, are you f'ing kidding me?

... maybe promise Mr. Stern the job of FCC Commissioner
... so Rand Paul looks good to me, after saying that
he opposes the new attorney general nominee, because
she refuses to answer the question do you believe
it is Ok to kill US citizens, on US territory, with

... she stood silent, wouldn't answer

... can you imagine, the 10-percenters, being able
to kill you with a drone, just to show all the other
workers to work harder and keep silent?

... because that is what the question really is, because you are far more likely to be hit by lightening, than be
killed by a real terrorist attack ... not a fake attack,
like 911, where the 1%-ers figured they needed a new
Pearl Harbor to keep the War Dept. rich and powerful

... so Rand Paul with Jesse Ventura as VP, would
be a viable team, and I would support them

... from JFK to 911, the 7-Days-In-May group of Nazis,
who took control of the US government, for reasons
only known to the Devil behind them, must be exposed
and replaced with honest men

... they sure didn't do it to save
our precious bodily fluids,
more likely
their precious banks accounts and oil fluids

... from what I hear, Military Power is quite
intoxicating, and few can resist its appeal
once exposed to it

... I wonder how Paul and Ventura would handle it?

... so what would you name the new Third Party? Maybe
the Bull Unicorn Party? :-)

... even if it failed to win, we could at least get some
concessions from the aristocrats, like make some liveable
cities where people walk and ride bicycles, and be safe
from all the nuts in cars and trucks trying to run you over

© 2015 by zentara
If it is the last word I write, let it be Vishnu