sports ain't what it used to be

... during a Fox News show, The Five,
Fox News lackey Greg Gutfeld attempted to tie the
Seattle Seahawks Super Bowl loss to it's coach
Pete Carroll's questioning of the 911 Truth .

... and I thought the bookies were behind it

... I never watch Fox News, but this was brought
to my attention by the Alex Jones show at

... I never watch Fox because the people look sick,
probably from the karma of the constant lies they spew,
which has a psychosomatic effect on the liar.
... they look old and washed out, and they would look
down right ugly if it wasn't for all the makeup they
get caked on their faces.

... I am a 911 Truther, the government is lying,
and Big Brother is still trying to make us believe
the emperor is wearing clothes

... I can see Big Brother's nakedness, and I fear
for America's future, as we are lead down the path
to totalitarianism

... statistics show that you are more likely
to get hit by lightening than killed by a terrorist
act, yet the US constitution has been essentially
rendered worthless in the name of keeping us safe
from the boogieman

... but, better people than I have documented the
treachery of 911, so I will move on to the fated
play in the SuperBowl which attracted all the attention

... like I said, at first I thought it was the bookies,
but after Fox News host Greg Gutfeld took a crap out
of his mouth, essentially saying that Seattle's loss
was due to big time power politics, I have to reconsider
the betting angle

... so how could Big Brother rig the last play?

... my mind tells me that New England, in the past,
was found guilty of listening in on the opposing team's
electronic play calling, it was against the Jets, IIRC

... in the meantime, teams probably have upgraded
their sideline communications equipment to be encrypted,
to prevent this from happening again

... but as we know now, Big Brother does not allow the
manufacture of encryption devices which it can't hack,
information we learned thanks to Snowden

... so it is conceivable that Big Brother could tell
which plays were being called on both sides, and could
easily have informed the Patriots that pass play was coming,
allowing them to do the interception with great ease

... the question then is: why did Big Brother choose
to help New England, and not Seattle?

... many reasons come to mind, but first and foremost
is that the Seattle coach speaks publically about
the 911 Truth ... they wanted to slap him down
for that

... on top of that reason, is that Boston has become
a center of Big Brother compliance ... with the unopposed
military style search of neighborhoods for the Marathon
bombers ... the extravagent burial ceremony for american
sniper Chris Kyle, etc. So Boston should be given a
boost as compensation, according to Big Brother

... then again, maybe Big Brother just wanted the
bettors in New England to win

... America has become what Nazi Germany had dreamed
of becoming, and the ugliness on the Fox News people
show it

© 2015 by zentara
If it is the last word I write, let it be Vishnu