a major monkeybrain dump

... I havn't written for awhile, and the ideas which
I've been exposed to want to come jumping out of
my mind like a screaming orgasm

... after seeing the youtube video, "From JFK
to 911, Everything is a rich man's trick"
by what appears to be an intelligent man with
a Brittish accent, named Conolly, my view of
the world has changed

... it's like a nightmare come true, a real life
7 Days in May, and we are all being setup
to be kept virtual prisoners in it, and yet
welcoming it all the way, as we clamour for
protection from the terror threat ... it's
totally Orwellian, and scary, and true

... I guess in the same storyline as Vishnu
not expecting evil to arise out His Own creation,
our democratic forefathers could not have
foreseen how a group of .0001 per centers
could possibly ending up taking complete control
of the country ... and earth

... well, maybe they knew, when they said in
the Constitution that people have the right to
bear arms, and after seeing the above mentioned
video, I see the only one protecting me, is me

... but who am I to speak after what our great
great forefathers did to the Native American Indians

... but we are, where we are, now. People made too
many babies, and this population level is not sustainable
... something has got to give, one way or another

... I remember back in school, there seemed to
be 2 choices in implementing a totalitarian state,
one was the Orweillian Hell we are descending into,
and the other was a Brave New World, where the best
and brightest scientists kept the world running
at peak efficiency, and kept the people happy,
and away from becoming Bolshiviks, with a free
drug called Soma, and copious amounts of
brainwashing thru the constant media bombardment,
which has since Roman Times was called the

... the Happiness Police would even pay you a visit
if you didn't take your Soma that day, and were getting
in a foul mood, and tempted to do something unscripted,
with telometrics being so advanced

... the Roman's called it bread and circus,
and that is the way they ruled. Give the people bread
and circus, and they generally stay pacified

... what scares the elite the most, is that the
people will arise up and take their power and money
away, in a Leninist-style confiscation of everything

... it seems to be a horrible truth, but it seems the
elite will keep the goodtimes going, as long as
American mothers are willing to let their children
grow up to be their soldiers in the Christian Zionist

... currently, it's not the Jewist Zionists who are trying to
attain world domination, although they are probably smart
enough to just let it happen, then they take it over later.

... It is the Christian Zionists, yes they exist, and are
otherwise known as the New World Order

... like I said, Vishnu could not have possibly thought
that the demon Mura would even come into existence, it's
like a flaw in the Matrix

... ahhh, now I feel better, knowing that, it's just a
flaw in the Matrix, and I seemed to have survived the

... just a flaw in Matrix, yeah, that must be the Soma
kicking in now

... all in all, I have to say, I'm glad it's not worse,
it could be alot worse

© 2015 by zentara
If it is the last word I write, let it be Vishnu