in case this is my last day alive

... I'm being forced into a confrontation with
a bully

... the bully's name is Patrick Newberry Jr.,
who is the ex-con adopted son of the land
owner here. Jr. is currently out of jail on an
early release, and is currently up
on charges for repeatedly raping a 14
year old girl, in his paternal care

... he also has had the nerve to file
a sex discrimination lawsuit againt
a power company saying he was sexually
harrassed on the job, while he was
working as a brush clearer

...the biggest bully in the valley,
and he was offended by a supervisor
who allegedly brushed his ass with his

... the guy is trying to run me off my
little camp, probably so he can rent it out
to some friend of his, to pay his lawyer
bills. He had to hire a high powered lawyer,
from the Innocense Project, to get another
court delay

... believe me, Jr. is guilty as sin, and
I can't believe an Innocense Project lawyer
would even consider his case

... I was run out by this bunch once before,
from an earlier camp I had, so his alcoholic
buddy could take my camp for his own use

... Jr. cannot read nor write, but he wants
to run everyone's affairs

... it all started this morning, when his
unmarried concubine parked her car right
in front of my camp, directly upwind
from me, and just ran her engine and smoked
cigarettes knowing the fumes were just
inundating my camp

... I was outside just trying to get some
fresh air and exercise

... I don't know what it is, but lowlives
are always trying to blow fumes in my
face ... I find car fumes and cigarette
smoke very bad for my health

... so, I just moved upwind of her vehicle,
and stood there silent for about a half hour,
until she noticed me and asked why I was
standing over there

... I said "so I won't have to breathe
your pollution"

... I said "get a papoose for your baby, and
start walking up and down the hill", since
she is so fat, and the last thing she needs is
to ride in a car, just to go 1000 ft.

... that pissed her off, and she started yelling
things like "suck it up fucker"

... I replied that the only one sucking her
fumes was her illegitimate baby sitting in
the car, as I was upwind

... I tried to explain to her that cars
are bad karma, and I was not going to be
her "soul sacrifice".

... I said your car and cigarette karma is
going into your baby, not me

... it infuriated her, and called Jr. on
the phone to get down to my camp, and claimed
I was threatening her baby by correctly
saying it's her karma, not mine

... Jr. then showed up, backed his car right
up to my place and started reving the engine

... so now, I had 2 cars trying to fill my camp
with their fumes

... after a bunch of threats he threw my way,
he said that I must leave now, and he will give
me 200 dollars and put me on a bus today

... like I said, the whole game of his is to
run me off the property again, like he did before,
so he can reap the benefits of my work here, just
like he did before, 15 years back

... he thought I had a weapon, so he kept his
distance, but he said in front of witnesses that
I should not sleep at night, because he was coming
for me, and that he was going to beat the shit out
of my fag crippled ass( I need a walker ) and then
stick his dick in my mouth

... he then pulled up some shrubbery I was growing,
and threw some trash at my trailer

... how is that for sexual harrassment? If anyone
from the electric company, whom he is sueing for
harrassment, reads this, I hope you take the
boy to court and fight his allegations

... I will be happy to testify on the power company's
behalf, that Jr. sexually harrasses me

... I will also testify against him in his child
rape case, I saw what was going on, the fucker
is guilty as sin

... so there it stands. I have my gun at my
side now, and I just hope he dosn't poison
my dog

... I somehow have to blame the Georgia
Dept. of Corrections, for letting him out
of jail for malicious threatening and shooting
someone ... he should be in jail

... when they did let him out, the first thing
he did was start dealing drugs, and they
let him get away with it

... so, now I need to look for another place

... it will take me some time to save up
enough to leave, and I guess unless Jr.
is re-incarcerated, I will need to sleep
with my gun at my side

... I spent my life savings setting up here,
and it was agreed I could stay until either
I died, or my friend, Jr.'s adopted father,

... it was a gentlemen's agreement, till death
do us part, and now, I don't know how I can stay
The son is bullying me, threatening me, and
I need the money I invested into this place back,
before I can move on

... either way, it looks bad for me staying here

... Jr. has had his trial for child rape delayed
for over a year, and either way, the prospects
for a peaceful life here are gone.

... if Jr. gets off the child rape charge, he will
be emboldened to bully me even further, and if he does
get sent back to jail, there will be a child molestor
living at the same farm address

... I can't live with a child molestor

... I'm not writing this with Jr. intended as my
audience, since he can't read anyways. I write this,
in case a scuffle ensues, and I get hurt, killed, or arrested,
and someone wants to know what happened

... Hari Om Tat Sat, may Shiva protect me

© 2015 by zentara
If it is the last word I write, let it be Vishnu