bumps along the way

... being a warlock ain't easy, because
once you see the reality of existence on
earth, you just want out of here

... and of course, there is no real magic
possible, unless you see reality clearly,
with the third eye

... to find the way, the third
eye must develop, and inevitably during
the development phase, one bumps into,
and falls off things

... but sooner or later, you see clearly,
you see the path of souls, and why we
exist ... then you want out

... a story I heard on NPR regarding the
fact that many blind people can actually
see, peaked my interest regarding the
third eye

... the ocular blind can see something in the
visual cortex of the brain, and if the eyeballs
don't work, other parts of the brain, like
the auditory system can build images in the
visual cortex, good enough to navigate by

... the NPR story was about a blind man,
with glass eyes since birth, who could ride
a bike and find the path, by making a clicking
sound ... like a bat's echo location detection

... so, merging this concept of visual cortex
stimulation with the concept of the third eye,
it's pretty easy to see how imagination and
intuition can feed a portion of the visual
cortex, effectively creating a third eye

... I think maybe that's what the eye
on the dollar bill is, the third eye

... nowadays, if I used the term
the third eye, one might take
it to mean the surveillance state

... a few years back, when I saw what
was coming, I always would say that
when the totalitarian surveillance takes
over, everyone will be clamouring for it,
as if I would be above it all

... and I must say, I thought to myself
today, about what I wrote yesterday, where
even I, am glad the state surveillance
system is as good as it is

... that being, after the misguided terror
attacks in Paris

... so here I am, welcoming Big Brother,
because I want peace on the streets

... and have no doubt, things could spiral
out of control very quickly in a true
terrorist war

... it makes me absolutely shudder to think
of it

... but if you really want to know the truth
about me, I really want to see the entire
human species wiped out, let the earth rest,
and repopulate with sasquatches and let
Hanuman rule

... so now I too, have even become a nihilist,
to be like Samson, and collapse the Temple,
upon myself, to get free of the
Babylonian Captivity

... but, I can only pray for it

© 2015 by zentara
If it is the last word I write, let it be Vishnu