keeping it real

... the bear awakens, during a warm spell
after the cold blast

... as I crawl out of my den, I read
an interesting treatise by Rand Paul,
who claims that the America we all
knew and loved is dead, replaced by
a corporate dictatorship, whose goal
is creating the New World Order, under
the flag of Christian Zionism

... that's right, not Jewish Zionism,
but Christian Zionism, a term I heard
from a talk by Noam Chomsky

... you know,
you are either with us, or against us

... that bullshit

... that's the military industrial complex mantra

... of course, after the idiotic terror just
perpetrated on Paris, by those misguided
souls, I wonder if the switch to a surveillance
state from a democracy might not be a bad idea

... amoung the others things I've read recently,
is a statement of fact, that:
a welfare state needs totalitarian control

... well, we are turning into a welfare state,
and as expected, we are being turned into a
totalitarian surveillance state

... not many of us want to return to 40 acres and a mule

... before I get my constitutional rights to
free speech suspended, my thoughts turned to
a story on NPR I heard, about the overloading
at the emergency rooms at Great Britain's

... mostly old people, who line up around the
block, waiting for treatment

... hospitals have locked their doors for lack
of space

... I hope this isn't a portend of things to
come for the US ... a bunch of old people, like
you and me, in a world of hurt, with no money

... that's making it real, compared to what

© 2015 by zentara
If it is the last word I write, let it be Vishnu