the right to water

... I originally came from the Detroit area,
and was interested in the recent uproar
over the City turning off the water,
to non-paying customers

... talks of the right to water
started sounding, and the UN even launched
a human rights investigation, if I recall

... this is the rule as far as I see:
people have a right to water, but not
necessarily piped to their residence

... in most third world countries,
when water gets tight,
water tankers are brought in,
and people fill their buckets

... so, in my estimation, the city
or county, should make available
free water fill stations, at
public locations

... people who can't afford to pay
for the pipes, can at least get

... people should have the right
to dig wells, but any well dug
in Detroit probably has contaminated
water, from the years of early
industry and illegal dumping

... fortunately, Detroit gets it's
water from a great big pipe sucking
from Lake Huron, about as clean
as it gets

... anyways, may all people have
water to quench their thirst, it's
the law of the water hole

© 2014 by zentara
If it is the last word I write, let it be Vishnu