the storm front

... as I write, I hear the thunder rumbling,
a great front is passing thru

... it's been an unusual year, with a very
cool summer, and frequent Artic Vortices
swirling thru in Autumn

... I like the sunny dry weather, but I happen
to live where the warm coastal ocean water's
air, collides with the arctic expresses

... I'm on the very start of the ocean
flatlands, at the very foot of the Appalachian

... here, the warm ocean air tends to puddle
and pool up against the mountains, keeping
us nice and warm, until a polar air mass
descends ... then when they meet ... ker-pow!

... I'm still like a kid in the respect that
I love the fearsome storm, because I don't
own much, so there is no damage to me, I
can say WoW and marvel at it's

... it's starting to rain hard now, time to go

... I just hope the []power lines hold up

© 2014 by zentara
If it is the last word I write, let it be Vishnu