on the uphill climb now

... well the solstice has passed, and I just
have to marvel at the immensity of it all

... as we know now, from an astrophysical
perspective, the earth gravitationally revolves
around the Sun, and for most, that explanation
is satisfactory, and they can continue about their
daily business as if they understand the heavens

... but what about the yearly tilting of
the earth, to produce the seasonal variations,
the solstices, the points where the
sun stands still in ancient Greek

... what makes the earth tilt once a year?
... most people have no clue, but it is
actually very simple

... the way to view the solar system is
such that the sun moves forward, and
trailing behind it, are giant sinusoidal
paths which the planets follow

... we actually are on a sine wave, not
a pure circular path, but then again, a sine
wave is nothing more than a circular path
stretched over Time

... so when we are at the solstice points,
we are actually at the maximum and minimum
points of our sinusoidal path trailing the

... it's mind-boggling to contemplate, giant
planets swinging thru space

... what's even more mind-expanding, is that
just as Dirac said particles are waves, the
entire composite sinusoidal wave called earth
could be considered to be a highly modulated wave,
a planet full of sentient creatures, all on their
own private wavelength, modulating earth's base wave

... a wave on the cosmic ocean

© 2014 by zentara
If it is the last word I write, let it be Vishnu