finally, a great Cuba Libre

... the president may be a lame duck, but
he's doing a pretty good job kicking ass
on the ground, with Cuba

... great lame-duck-fu

... I have to admit, I always was a Castro
fan, because I too, was glad to see a
peasant revolution over throw the
corrupt dictator way back when

... but getting back to the point of
freeing up Cuban American relations,
my first thought was YEAH!, but it
was quickly followed by a feeling of
sorrow, that Cuba will now become
just another carib island, with highways
clogged with cars and pollution,
and the people getting fat on the
new American diet imports, loaded with debt

... hooking up with American interests
will quickly turn you into a class-divided
society, and your daughters into hookers
at the casinos.

... but Time flows on, and there is absolutely
no reason anymore to not welcome Cuba back
into the Western Hemisphere

... I hope we get it right this time, and Cuba
will become a safe place for tourists, as not
many people want to go into Mexico anymore

... I don't like cigars, but young cuban women
are some of the most beautiful in the world

... thin, and strong, the way Cuba made people
under Castro

... that's while I feel sorry about it all,
the Cubans will start to become fat and corrupt,
under the influence of Babylon, by the easing
of restrictions

... but as nice woman, taught me while I was
making pizzas in the Virgin Islands:
Don't Stop the Carnival

... so hopefully, they will find a way to keep
the degeneracy of the West, from influencing
too many of their people

© 2014 by zentara
If it is the last word I write, let it be Vishnu